AT WEST BARTON 2021/2022

. Glossary: VF = Victoria Fransham, WB = West Barton, SD = Social Distancing, AB = antibacterial gel/ wipes/ cleaner

REFERENCEACTION – by VictoriaACTION – by students
1/ One way entrance & exit on arrival & departure-
VF to organise 1 way entry & exit to classroomAll students to enter & exit using 1 way system IN – main white doors from parking area OUT – through Dairy lounge, double doors into courtyard
2/ Anti bac to be used on entry-provided on table by VF
All students to use.
Students also to bring & use own anti bac as required
3/ Limit number of students attending to 6 – to allow for SDOnly 10 students to attend classes at WB. Tables & chairs to be spaced accordingly to allow for SD.
4/ For ‘coffee break’ – all students to bring own flask/ mug etc.VF will ‘pass a plate of biscuits round’All students to bring a flask of drink/ mug etc. for coffee break.
To be revised/ discussed at the 1st class.

5/ Coffee break – allow for students to move around safely according to SD
Students can take coffee break in verandah/ dairy lounge/ teaching room to allow for socialising while safely social distancing
6/ No materials/ books etc to be passed between students & VF
No written receipts to be given out.
VF will put ‘lesson plan’ on ‘Wordpress’ site the day before the class so that students can print own materials if & when necessary.
VF will remind students to write their own receipts .
All students to bring own books/ papers/ pens etc
WordPress: Students to look at ‘Wordpress’ site the day before the day to see what materials etc are needed for the next day’s class. Print material as necessary. Vfransham’ password: BARTON
Receipts: students to write own receipts & keep in notebook/ folder.
7/ 1 way system to go to the bathroom & 1 person at a time in hallway to waitVF to organise 1 way system to & from bathroom.
Students to observe 1 way system. TO BATHROOM – as previously, through dairy lounge FROM BATHROOM – through veranda (turn left from bathroom) , cross courtyard & back into classroom through single door on right.
8/ Toilet & washbasin to be AB’d between classesVF to doStudents also to use own AB as required.
9/ All door handles/ tables/ chairs etc to be AB’d between classesVF to doStudents also to use own AB as required.
10/ No one to attend classes if feeling unwell/ cough/ cold etcVF will also inform students if she is feeling unwell. Cancel class as necessary.Students to inform VF asap if you are feeling unwell/ are unable to attend class (so that someone else might take your place for that week)
11/ Wear masks/ visors when & where appropriate when SD is not possible
It would be difficult for masks to be worn during classes as we need to see the face & mouth of others to communicate & understand each other.

VF to wear mask / visor when not teaching.
Students may wear a mask in class if desired.
Students to wear masks/ visors for going to the bathroom/ moving around (if considered necessary).
To be discussed at the 1st class.
See extra info below.
Students may wear visors if desired (but eyesight is often impaired due to the curve of the Perspex & the hairband can become uncomfortable if worn for long periods)
12/ Communicate Risk Assessment to all studentsVF to send by email & also to attach to notice board in the classroom at WB.Students to read Risk Assessment – ideally bring a copy to class.
13/ Ventilate room as much as possible
We are lucky that the teaching room is very spacious, high & has 2 doors directly to the outside & a window.
We are also fortunate that we do not have air conditioning!
Heating will be used as usual!
VF will open all doors & window for a minimum of 30 minutes prior to classes.
VF has purchased an ‘Ergo Life’ air purifier – circulates & purifies the air 4 times an hour! This is very quiet & will run during classes.
Where weather & comfort allow, VF will keep doors & window open during class.

Students to bring extra warm clothes if & when appropriate!
14/ Specific seats to be allocatedVF will allocate seats in advance in the teaching room, as appropriate!