Questionnaire for new students

French / Italian Questionnaire 2021/2022

Name: Class attending:

1/ Have you studied the language before? (If yes, where, how long, what books or materials did you use?)

2/ How would you describe yourself as a learner of this language NOW?

Complete Beginner/know a few words/know quite a few phrases and vocabulary/speak quite well?

3/ Why have you chosen to come to this class NOW? (recommendation of a friend, holidays etc)

4/ What do you hope to have learnt or achieved by the end of this course?

5/ Are there any areas of language learning that you have found particularly difficult in the past?

(Grammar, pronunciation, learning vocabulary, speaking aloud, asking questions, understanding native speakers…?)

6/ Have you visited the Country, know people or own property there? If yes, where, how long, how many times?

7/ How do you think you learn best – writing & copying words & phrases, listening, reading, by playing  games, oral repetition, with music, practising with other people, doing written exercises?

8/ Have you studied any other language? Please state language/how long studied/how well you feel you speak it now etc.

9/ What “methods of language teaching ” do you particularly enjoy? (Role-games, reading, written exercises, listening, comprehension, games, pair work…)

10/ What teaching methods do you NOT enjoy and why (difficulties with sight or hearing, not having studied grammar previously)?